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We're raising $40,000 this summer.

This month, Mycelium celebrates 2 years of being a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and 5 years as an organization as a whole. In honor of our anniversary, we're launching our summer fundraising drive to raise $40,000 for our flagship Climate Resilient Schools initiative! Can you help us reach out goal?

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Why are we raising $40,000?

With the support of our brilliant community, we've witnessed some beautiful growth over the past few years: the expansion of accessible and innovative climate resilient education for Bay Area youth, paid internship opportunities to enact real community climate solutions, and a marvelous journey as we learn how to thrive as a growing team and seed futures together every day.

We need the help of our growing community to help us resource our classrooms and expand our impact. Our Climate Resilient Schools initiative currently serves 175 youth across Oakland and San Francisco every week, and we intend to reach 250 students by next year. This breaks down to:


  • 21 youth leaders across 3 schools designing climate resilient projects in their schools and neighborhoods;

  • 25 hours weekly of direct instruction in Climate Resilient Classrooms across 6 different schools;

  • 500+ resiliency kits centered around air purification and detoxing;

  • 4 hours weekly of nerdy environmentally inspired Dungeons and Dragons gaming!

The most sustainable way to help us in seeding climate resilient futures is to join our Resilient Regenerators Giving Circle if you are resourced and positioned to do so. Recurring donors are an essential component of our strategy for seeding climate resilient futures, today. (And they receive fun Mycelium perks!)​

If you aren't able to become a recurring donor at the moment, consider making a one-time tax-deductible contribution today if you are able.

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