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Yale Climate Connections - February 1,7 2023

Mycelium Youth Network aims to empower young people on climate change

In this 90 second radio episode, Lil Milagro shares how Mycelium Youth Network supports young people to learn about and take action against climate change in preparation for the world they will inherit.

In conversation, Lil Milagro highlights the absurdity that dominant education is not meant to equip young people with the kind of basic skills that would allow them to feel empowered about the future we are all aging into. 

This episode of We Rise was co-created by youth from our Telling Our Stories: Re-Envisioning the Future⁠ initiative with Bioneers, Mycelium Youth Network, & Acclimatewest. In this 4 month series of workshops, frontline youth explored writing, audio & video production, and social media to learn various ways to share stories of climate resilience, resistance, regeneration and sovereignty, while raising up issues that matter to them.

the podQast - February 12, 2021

Episode 19: Lil Milagro Henriquez

In this episode, Q talks with Lil Milagro Henriquez about nerd culture, finding one's identity, cultural appropriation and her passion for educating and supporting youth in environmental activism.

We Rise - July 1, 2019

Episode 25: Mycelium Youth Network

In the spring nicole gervacio of We Rise joined Mycelium Youth Network at Pear Tree Community School as they were finishing their 6 week program entitled 'Science for Survival' where youth learned water catchment, water purification, created emergency bags, made tinctures and salves, went on a medicinal first aid walk, and conducted a mini-home assessment of needs.

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