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Our World Is Changing—
Where Does That Leave Our Youth?

Mycelium Youth Network is intended to bridge the gap between the increasing incidents of climate-related disasters and the ability of young people, who will inherit the world, to respond to those challenges with creativity, courage, resilience, hope, and real-world practical skills and training.

Blending the traditions and practices of local indigenous people and the technologies of today, our hands-on training empowers young people to face the uncertainty of their future with skills needed to survive and thrive in a climate-challenged world. MYN is ancestrally-grounded, focused on climate resilience, and offers free or low-cost classes to low-income youth in the Bay Area.

Student holding a stick taller than them. Trees and greenery in the background.


MYN offers one-off hands-on educational workshops on specific topics related to climate resilience, adaptation, and mitigation. Single workshops last 60 to 90 minutes and are a combination of Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math.

Three students coloring


We offer flexible STEAM programming based in our core content areas. We offer these as 4 - 6 lessons, year-long & programming over summer breaks. Currently we offer the following programs: ​

  • Science for Survival; 

  • Clean Air is a Right: Air is Life; 

  • Water is Life: Supporting our Water Eco-systems; and 

  • Gardening for our Health: Food, Soil, and Carbon Sequestration

Student holding a plant


MYN curriculum and design are based on the practices of youth participatory action research. Given the right tools and planning, youth have the power and adaptability to survive and thrive in a climate-challenged world.

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