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Equipping youth for a climate challenged future, today.


Mycelium Youth Network (MYN) prepares youth in the SF Bay Area — who are most vulnerable to and already feeling the effects of environmental racism — for climate change. We use a merger of indigenous environmental traditions that emphasize youth environmental stewardship and relationship building alongside a rigorous STEAM curriculum that focuses on practical hands-on skills for climate resilience and mitigation that youth create and implement in their homes and local communities. We empower youth to grow as visionary leaders and budding environmentalists, connect with ancestral teachings, and trust in the wisdom of the natural world.


Mycelium Youth Network (MYN) is dedicated to equipping youth with the resources, training, and knowledge from the ground up that they will need to survive and thrive in a climate challenged world. We prepare our youth for a climate challenged future, today.

students sitting in a row next to each other and working on a project
Two students picking leaves while holding baskets of fresh eggs
Person taking a photo of plants and soil while students look down
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