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Do you believe young people have a RIGHT to the FUTURE?

Support Mycelium in building a culture of RADICAL IMAGINATION:

empowering the rising generation of leaders to ENVISION and CREATE futures in which they not only survive but THRIVE.


Climate change is scary. We live in a world that breeds climate doomism and anxiety, which inhibit our ability to freedom dream radical possibilities for climate and social justice.

With the love and connective tissue built across Mycelium Youth Network, we create safe and supportive environments where students learn about climate change and environmental justice, draw from their own ancestral knowledge and traditions, and develop creative solutions to build a more resilient future.

"Mycelium is the part of the fungus that grows underground in thread-like formations. It connects roots to one another and breaks down plant material to create healthier ecosystems. Mycelium is the largest organism on earth. Interconnectedness. Remediation. Detoxification."

― adrienne maree brown, Emergent Strategy

How does Mycelium nourish spaces for youth freedom dreaming?



Our Climate Resilient Schools program provides sliding scale curriculum focusing on local environmental topics.

Mission YLC-2022


High school interns in the Youth Leadership Council research, design, and implement a climate action plan.

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Gaming for Justice is an environmental justice Dungeons & Dragons-inspired adventure through Bay Area history.


We're harnessing the metaphor of mycelium to draw from our individual and collective gifts, power, and resources. Will you join us?

I'd love to contribute my skills, time, or resources!

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Thanks for seeding futures with us!

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