Mycelium Youth Network (MYN) equips youth with the resources, training, and knowledge from the ground up that they will need to survive and thrive in a climate challenged world. We prepare our youth for a climate challenged future, today.

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Now, more than ever, it's important to create future thinking solutions to the world's most pressing ecological concerns. Help us grow our program!

Programs Offered

MYN offers short and long-term workshops and trainings with youth and adults. Our youth programs are grounded in Youth Participatory Action Research. 

Why Mycelium?

Want to know more about the amazing underground network that is mycelium or find out why mycelium is called the 'underground internet'? 

"I believe that mycelium is the neurological network of nature. Interlacing mosaics of mycelium infuse habitats with information-sharing membranes. These membranes are aware, react to change, and collectively have the long-term health of the host environment in mind. The mycelium stays in constant molecular communication with its environment, devising diverse enzymatic and chemical responses to complex challenges.”  - Paul Stamets - Mycelium Running - How Mushrooms Can Help Save The World
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