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Donate Today to Support Our
Youth Work

At Mycelium Youth Network, we refuse to give in to the fear of climate doomism, and we will keep fighting for a better future for people and planet. This future starts by amplifying the voices, demands, and visions of BIPOC communities and environmental activists on the ground fighting for change. 

As a frontline community-led organization, we understand and hold space for the various traumas, stories, solutions, and wide range of experiences of BIPOC communities in relation to our climate crisis. Please donate today to support the work of our amazing educators and youth leaders. 


We create climate resilience and climate mitigation to strengthen holistic relationships and build out regenerative economies. We believe it is imperative that youth are trained in both climate adaptation and mitigation as part of their math and science education in order to lead the way toward comprehensive solutions to climate change.


We are a pioneering Bay Area youth-centered organization founded in 2017, dedicated to bridging the gap between increasing climate-related disasters and the abilities of young people to proactively respond. We draw from ancestral traditions and practices as well as cutting-edge Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math (STEAM) programming.

Students sorting through plants


Our programs are Next Generation Science Standards aligned and created to be both site-specific as well as easily adaptable across a range of geographic locations.


Our curriculum meets the needs of youth and communities in real-time, recognizing inherent truths across multiple ancestral communities.


Our work is possible because of the support of our entire community - from staff and volunteers to donors and community supporters. ​We have a collective imperative to support and empower youth to face our uncertain future with hope, resilience, and bravery. We need your financial, emotional, and intellectual support to make this possible. 

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