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We are so beyond excited and extremely humbled to announce that the Mycelium Youth Network Nursery is here and thriving!

In late March, with the help of volunteers from Planting Justice, Mycelium Staff, We Rise Production, and a few community members, we started the process of transforming MYN Founder Lil Milagro's backyard into the Mycelium Youth Network Nursery, thanks to a grant from the Love Beauty & Planet Project. This new space will allow us to host field trips, grow all of our educational plant allies, really bulk up our herbal programs, and most of all- continue the community oriented climate resilience education that we love to do.

The Mycelium Youth Network Nursery is partially possible due to the support of the folks over at the Love Beauty & Planet Project, but wouldn’t be possible without the support of folks on the ground in Oakland. We also want to say a deep thank you to the amazing folks over at Planting Justice in Oakland for their generous contributions to the MYN Nursery! 

We are working to ensure that the next generation of environmental stewards is equipped with the ancestral knowledge and tools (literal plants we are growing!) necessary to be climate ready right here in Oakland. Special thanks to Jomar Ventura, our onsite Garden Steward and Educator, whose love and dedication to this space has made our wildest dreams come true!

Multicolor gradient background with white text reading: Quote of the day. Gardening is a lot like community, the more you use it, the more it grows. Jomar Ventura, MYN Resident Gardener.

Words from Jomar

“I am so excited to be part of Mycelium Youth Network's garden / nursery project because it feels so empowering to have designated space for growing and healing. I can talk about edible plants all day, however, the empowering part is not simply the plants, it is the opportunity to connect. Connecting Bay Area youth to the beautiful process of growing our own food is the gift. The nursery will help us grow veggies, herbs and flowers that re-connect us to traditional ancestral knowledge content and hands-on skills sets. I look forward to honing my seed starting and seed saving skills in order to pass on that critical knowledge and revolutionary act to youth. There are so many lessons and metaphors to teach youth through a garden space. A few that I am eager to facilitate through our collective care of plants are: cause and effect, systemic-thinking, self-sufficiency, the duality of thinking seasons ahead and only in the present/unplugged. Of course, there is the simple joy of watching a plant grow, but I hope that youth are impacted through our project and grow curious about larger systemic issues as well.”
- Jomar Ventura 
"The time has come to reclaim the stolen harvest and celebrate the growing and giving of good food as the highest gift and the most revolutionary act" - Vandana Shiva

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