Meet Our Advisory Board

Kelly Hall

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Kelly is the president and founder of Pembroke Policy Consulting where she works with labor unions, think tanks, safety net hospitals and others to make high quality healthcare more affordable and accessible around the country. She current works at the The Fairness Project as their Director of Health Policy and Partnerships

Dr. Jamie Trahan

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Jamie is a mechanical engineer specializing in micro-grid design and operation. Her experience includes rural electrification, commercial and industrial installations, and mobile hybrid power systems. 

Nahal Ghoghaie

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Nahal Ghoghaie is the founder of EcoEquity Consulting, which helps clients develop strategies for equitable inclusion of low-income, communities of color, tribal, and other marginalized or underrepresented groups in climate and environmental planning, policy and public funding processes. She currently works for the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) in December 2019 as their first-ever Environmental Justice Manager,

Dr. Mutumbo M'Panya

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Mutombo M'Panya is originally from Congo/Zaire in Central Africa.  He was educated in Europe (France, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland) where he received degrees in management and engineering.  He received advanced degrees in planning, natural resource management, and transportation. 

Shameika Hansen

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As Community Protection Specialist on Long Island, Shameika is working to create more resilient coastal communities in the face of climate change. Committed to giving back to the next generation of leaders, she regularly speaks to college classes and religious youth groups, providing mentorship to create post-college plans. she currently serves as the Community Protection Specialist at the Nature Conservancy.

Christine Ventura

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Christine‘s work is focused on the improving the health of forested ecosystems through the development of sustainable management practices, community engagement, and propagation of foundational forest plant species.

She has a Master's in Forestry from Yale University and is currently a Senior Fellow at Harvard University as part of the Living Collections Fellowship. 

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"Mycelium is the part of the fungus that grows underground in thread-like formations. It connects roots to one another and breaks down plant material to create healthier ecosystems. Mycelium is the largest organism on earth. Interconnectedness. Remediation. Detoxification."

― adrienne maree brown, Emergent Strategy


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