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Trialing a New (Friday-less) Flow

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Friday, October 6, 2022

Dear Mycelium community,

We're so excited to share that our organization is entering a trial with 4 Day Week Global. You read that right - our team will now be operating on a Monday-Thursday basis through the end of December, with the possibility of adopting a 4-day week permanently.

We know that there is work to do to prepare our communities for climate change, so why is reducing our work week so important?

1. PROTECTING OUR HEALTH: Mycelium is committed to uplifting the wellbeing of our staff as best we can, and research has shown that a four day week has improved the social-emotional health of over three quarters of employees who have participated in the trial globally (check out 4 Day Week Global's research!).

2. MITIGATING OUR FOOTPRINT: Reduced work weeks have also been shown to decrease organizational environmental footprints. On top of reducing commute and travel times, studies from Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy (2015) and the Center for Economic and Policy Research (2006) have linked shortened work hours with reduced energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions. Time to put our climate dreams into action!!

3. NOURISHING OUR CULTURE: We've been deliberating the decision to make this transition for a while now, and we know that the change will come with new lessons (every trial does). Above all, we're hopeful about trying on a new workplace structure that will decenter the role of labor and capitalist modes of production in our individual and collective lives.

Over the next few months, we expect to find pleasant surprises and hiccups alike. We ask for your grace as we enter new rhythms in our programming, partnerships, and internal systems and norms.

If any friends out there have also participated in a #4DW trial before or are curious about how it's going at Mycelium, please reach out! We'd love to be in this learning process together!

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