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Growing Our Health

Food, Soil and Carbon Drawdown

Mycelium partnered with the Carbon First Initiative to launch one of the first carbon sequestration monitoring school gardens in the nation. 


This work is part of national and international consortia implementing carbon drawdown projects to reduce global temperatures. While the majority of carbon drawdown projects are based in rural areas, given the reality of climate change and its impact on urban food access, it is necessary to incorporate urban environments into carbon sequestration projects, as a matter of equity and racial justice. Supported by local organizations and universities, youth citizen scientists will collect vital data on soil in cities and how small scale carbon sequestration projects can have global results. They will create, implement, and monitor carbon sequestration happening in real-time in their school garden

Student pouring bucket of soil onto garden

We are actively looking for Title 1 schools ( in which at least 40% of students meet federal poverty limits) who have a school garden but don’t have the resources to incorporate garden education into their programming.

The sites will form labs which global citizen science initiatives can visit to research, share lessons and customize their own iterations for carbon drawdown strategies across a wide range of urban environments for future scalability.

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