meet our STAFF

Lil Milagro Henriquez
Founder & Executive Director
She / Her
Marylin Zuniga
Educational Director
She / Her
Indigo Mateo 
Social Media Coordinator
She/ Her
Phoenix Armenta                  
Herbalist, Educator
They / Them                         
Linda Le
Resident Gardener & 
She / Her
Ashia Ajani
Virtual EJ Educator 
They / She
Sen Mendez
Executive Assistant & Administrative Support
They / Him

Meet Our Winter ASP Online Educators

Lauren Adams

~ Lauren is teaching our affinity group: 

Talk Black to Me ~

Atekpakztin Young

Atekpaktzin is running our Native affinity group ~

Kaliyah Vernon

~ Kaliyah is teaching

Gardening for Beginners ~

Colin Miller

~ Colin is running a 

Dungeons and Dragons game ~

Jomar Ventura

~ Jomar is teaching

Gardening for Beginners ~

Phoenix Armenta

~ Phoenix is running a

Dungeons and Dragons game ~

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"Mycelium is the part of the fungus that grows underground in thread-like formations. It connects roots to one another and breaks down plant material to create healthier ecosystems. Mycelium is the largest organism on earth. Interconnectedness. Remediation. Detoxification."

― adrienne maree brown, Emergent Strategy


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