Our Classes

We offer Next Generation Science Standards aligned Climate Curriculum for 5th - 12th grade

Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math (STEAM) 

  • 4-6 Week Intensives

  • Saturday Programming

  • Year-Long Day and After-School Classes

  • Spring and Summer Break Programs 

  • One-off classes during the week and weekends

Our Programs

  • Science for Survival; 

  • Clean Air is a Right: Air is Life; 

  • Gardening for our Health: Food, Soil, and Carbon; 

  • Water is Life: Supporting our Water Eco-systems; 

  • Resilience in Pandemic Times; 

  • Eco-Mapping Our Present and Future: and

  • Regenerative Economies

Youth Voice: Sana

I believe that it is important to learn about climate change because we need to have (both) knowledge and understanding on how to prepare for disasters. We need to have an understanding about what a healthy planet looks like so that we can know (what to do to) take care of it. We, as youth, have to fix what generations before us have ruined and to do what we must do, we need to be educated. 


As youth, we need to speak about how we want our future to look like and how we want to shape it. It’s important to

inspire youth to speak about climate change because we need to be prepared for the future and the global issues that come with it.

- Sana, Age 12

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