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Clean Air is a Right

Mycelium is excited to announce our partnership with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) to run our Clean Air is a Right program for middle and high schools across the Bay Area. Through this program, youth will understand how air pollution is impacting our collective health and our communities and will learn multiple strategies for both indoor and outdoor air purification in order to mitigate the negative effects of air pollution. They will learn about and actively engage in reducing their carbon footprint and cultivate agency for our own actions to improve air quality as well as learning multiple forms of activism to fight for clean air at an institutional and regional level. 

Clean Air is a Right is one of our two seminal programs (alongside Science for Survival) and has been taught to at least 400+ youth. 

During the course of ten lessons, youth will explore the following questions:

Why does clean air matter? 

How do my personal experiences connect with issues or air pollution?

How and why is clean air important for the health and survival of all living things?

What is air pollution and where does it come from? 

How do we measure air quality inside and outside? 

How does air pollution and environmental air pollution personally affect me and other members of my community?

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